Paint your own pottery !

Welcome! We provide everything you need to create your own work of art. Select a piece of pottery from our extensive collection and then paint it. Once you paint, it takes our studio between a week and 10 days to glaze and fire your pottery. So if you have something in mind for a special occasion start planning early. 

There are no appointments to make and you can just walk in during our regular business hours. We accept walk ins until an hour before closing. On weekends we tend to close a little early if we have no walk ins by 5 pm on Saturdays and 4 pm on Sundays.

Our pricing policy - You pay for the pottery piece and a one time studio fee that covers glazes, clear glazing, and firing. Our studio fee is 50% of the price of the pottery. So if you choose pottery priced at $10 you would add a studio fee of $5. 

We are your party destination!! We offer Pottery Painting, Glass Fusing, Mosaic and Canvas Painting parties.Check out the links on the left for more information and book your party TODAY!

​Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Pottery-To-Go : Did you know you can buy pottery from our studio, take it home along with glazes, paint it, and then bring back everything so we can clear glaze and fire the pottery for you? Think sleepover parties, or just painting in pajamas in the comfort of your own home. Call us today! 

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